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An entire gym,

in one smart screen.

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Home Edition



The Pixformance home edition revolutionizes functional training by making it accessible to all - athletes and newcomers alike. With our Pixformance Station, we created an entire gym in one smart screen. The smart machine is powered by AI and computer vision that makes functional training accessible in the comfort of your own home. The motion-controlled interface includes real-time feedback & instruction for 100+ exercises.

An in-unit camera enables real-time movement analysis, making it simple to track the evolution of your training. Individual user profiles and multiple precision levels mean unlimited personalized programs in only one device.


Curated workouts & classes based on your goals

The Pixformance Station is designed by fitness and health specialists, all dedicated to making functional training enjoyable for all levels of training and abilities. Our 2D-sensing technology is continuously improved by Pixformance developers working with sports and medical professionals to enhance movement precision and provide high-quality workouts.


Real-time tracking and feedback for unlimited functional training movements

On-screen interaction helps users self-correct and learn quickly. Whether used alone or to augment live training or therapy, the easy-to-follow motion analysis means faster improvement, and better strength and mobility with functional training and beyond.


Live competition with people around the world

We want to make training fun, interactive and social. With the live competitions, you can work out at the same time as your friends across the globe and see who is the best, who is doing more reps, but also how active each of them is during the week. Individual profiles and a user-friendly dashboard let you create custom sessions for individuals and groups, or choose pre-build live programs from industry experts.

How it works

Tracks your moves

in real time

Gradual progress for your workouts

The Pixformance Station remembers all your workouts and exercise results. Your training history is stored in the Pixformance cloud. Based on advanced data analytics and tracking of your results evolution, the station is able to know when it is time to get more intense workouts and exercises and gradually optimizes your training, having the intelligence of a personal trainer available 24h in your home.

Backed by science and data of over 140 million performed exercises in Pix equipped gyms across the world.

Standing Edition
Available in Smaller

The Standing Edition


Home Edition

The Standing Version

Light Stream

  • Futuristic Design

  • Simple

  • Lightweight

  • Light Indications

  • Easy Assembly


Home Edition


All you need is 8 square meters

That is the space that is needed to position one Pixformance Station. We’ll help you to optimize your training ground/space and find the best position for your Pixformance Station.
  • 49 inch or 52 inch Screen

  • HD video camera

  • Intel Core i5 processor

  • Nvidia GTX 1060 Graphic Card

  • 8 GB Ram

  • SSD Hard Disk 128 GB

  • Preinstalled Windows 10 64Bit Pro

  • Lan connection port

  • Production to ISO 9001 standards

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